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Invest in search engine optimization - and become more profitable as a company

Updated: Jan 24

What many companies miss is investing in the right marketing channels. Unfortunately, it is very common for people and companies to focus on social media and other inferior channels. The reason why it usually goes wrong is because you do a bad current situation analysis and a bad analysis of your target group.

Think for yourself - what do your customers do when they need something? What do customers do when they need your services?

They google for an answer to their question or a concrete proposal for the product/service they are looking for.

That brings us to the most important thing about this post. That we Swedes today do not see the value of working with search engine optimization. Recent figures show that 60% of all companies in Sweden do not even know the concept of SEO or why you should work with it. This has become a big challenge for SEO agencies in Sweden to succeed in selling their services. If customers don't know what it is and why they should use it, it will have a big impact on the Swedish market.

The majority of the Swedish companies that participated in the survey understood that they would start working with digital marketing. But why didn't they understand that Google and SEO is the most important channel?

One of the clearest examples on the Swedish market is the airline SAS. They have never invested in SEO and their digital marketing is under all criticism. This has caused them to bleed money every year and to lose customers to their competitors.

If you are interested in reading more about SEO and what SEO is, there are hundreds of articles and news that you can search for. A first step is to Google what you want an answer to and then read through the results.

Invest in SEO

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