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All you need to know about Business News in Sweden

The Swedish Newscast


The Swedish Newscast is a serious and successful news site with a focus on good news and blogs. With us you can read about everything to do with business. We publish news about what is happening in the world, in Europe and above all what is happening in Sweden. Our texts are based on basic facts and are clearly taken from safe and reliable sources around the world. You as a reader should be able to feel safe and happy in what you read and at the same time know that you can find interesting articles.

Today, our world is more volatile than ever and news has never been more important. What do our politicians and leaders say? What do the world's largest companies and their leaders say? How does the global economy affect us today? These are just some of the topics we cover here at The Swedish Newscast and we are grateful and humbled to have you as a reader.

You are very welcome to contact us if you have requests regarding topics to write about or if you have comments on our articles.

The editors:

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